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Summer Wrap-Up and Things To Come

Technically, it is still summer and every dahlia farm in my county is bursting with blooms. It is hard, though, not to notice the crisper air in the mornings, leaves changing, and a general sentiment of Fall is almost here! The Pacific Northwest is notorious for a balmy October, we could still have blooms moving into November. Fingers crossed!

Summer is my favorite season and to see it go always leaves me feeling a little melancholy. I love everything about it. The warmth on my skin, yards and fields bursting with flowers and veggies, the county fair, camping, late nights, swimming, and everything in between. This summer has been outstanding. I have visited roadside flower farms, met some amazing brides and grooms, connected with some of the most curiously interesting women flower farmers, and have continued to grow and expand Vancuterie services. We now offer color correction, custom glass and frames, and soldered frames. To be able to offer these services will provide our clients with more variation in their preservation piece. Stay tuned, color correcting is a hot topic in the flower pressing community!

The past three months have been a whirlwind in the studio. It has felt like a 90-day Flower Presser Challenge. Moving through these growing pains feels like “happy little accidents.” I have been so grateful to collaborate with Milo Bryce Media and the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. Learning how to strategically grow a business requires help and I am grateful for these two organizations.

There is one workshop scheduled on Saturday, September 23rd, from 10-12:00 p.m. at the Acorn and the Oak (A & O), in Camas. You can register on our website. Click on the Workshops and Events Tab. In addition to the flower pressing workshop, the creative culinary team and mixology forces at A & O have crafted excellent grub, drinks & mocktails to help feed us after working up an appetite from a sesh of flower pressing. This is a rare opportunity and if you have ever been interested in flower pressing, this workshop is a gold mine! This will be the last community flower pressing workshop until next summer. Do not miss out! Register now why spots are still available.

There will be seasonal events released as we get closer to the holidays. Keep checking our website for updates. Who wants to make a traditional Christmas wreath?

Lastly, we have exciting news that we will be dropping mid-October. We are sooooo excited but cannot let anything out! We are behind the scenes preparing and cannot wait to share it with you all. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

I am signing off and am back to my presses. If you ever are curious about floral preservation, we would love to talk about it with you. From time to time, it is fun to have people come into the studio and see what happens in My Flower Presser Life!

Love in the petals, Daphne



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