Pressing flowers from your bridal bouquet is a unique way to cherish your special day!

Why Press your flowers?

Flowers are such an expressive part of your wedding.

Flowers convey feelings of love and happiness.

Blooms and petals are extended to the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, and other honored guests. Instead of enjoying your flowers for a single day, take your floral bouquets and have them pressed into a custom piece of framed art.

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What is Flower Pressing?

Pressing flowers gives your petals a new lease on life.

Flower pressing is a sentimental way to preserve memories and document special occasions.

Utilizing traditional flower pressing techniques, Vancuterie makes sure that your blooms are cared for through every step of their journey into your home and hearts. Flowers are an integral part of your special day. When choosing flower preservation to eternalize your petals, you are able to keep your day alive as it blooms in your mind daily.

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How Does Flower Pressing Work?


Flower pressing is a timely, intricate process. It can take up to four months to receive your pressed floral piece.

The flower presses fill up rapidly and once they are full, they must sit until the flowers are ready to be removed. Because this is such a uniquely intricate process, please submit your consult form as early as possible, making sure to note the date of your event. It’s important to ensure that there is enough space in the presses and that there are enough flower pressers available to tend to your blossoms

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What is the Flower Pressing Process?

Step One: Drop-Off

Your flowers must be delivered to our studio immediately following the event.

Every flower taken from a bouquet goes through a careful selection process. Your flowers must be in pristine condition to press effectively, so if the flowers are browning or wilting, they will not be pressed.

You may wish to assign someone to drop off your flowers. If you cannot drop off your bouquet, arrangements can be made for pick-up for an additional fee.

We also accept shipped flowers, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the flowers reach us promptly and undamaged. The longer your blooms are outside a cool and protected environment, the more likely the petals will become damaged.

What is the Flower Pressing Process?

Step Two: Deconstruction

Your flowers come into our studio and undergo a metamorphosis.

From the moment your flowers arrive, they are welcomed and blessed, photo-documented, assigned to their own press, and held in a refrigerated location, waiting for petal deconstruction to begin.

The process of deconstruction is meticulous and begins within eight hours of receiving your bouquet. The first 72 hours are critical to the long-lasting beauty of your flowers, and the entire process can take between 6-8 months. We realize that this is a long wait, but Mother Nature cannot be rush! You will be notified of your petals’ progress as it transforms into your own timeless piece of magic.

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What is the Flower Pressing Process?

Step Three: Design

The design of your bouquet will characterize the look and feel of your live flowers.

The real fun begins when we design your unique pressed floral artwork. Design options range from traditional to modern themes, and you will have the opportunity to confirm the final design before the artwork is glued, framed, and delivered to your home.

Did you know we turn your flowers into a treasured heirloom?

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The flowers will fade over time, which adds to the quintessential beauty of an aging memory.

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While white and light colored flowers are signature color for many bouquets, the color tends to yellow and brown quickly. In fact, most flowers will lose some, if not all of their color. We can offer color correction techniques to help enhance the petal color.