Booking Your Bridal Bouquet Preservation Early Matters

Booking Your Bridal Bouquet Preservation Early Matters

Are you a 2024 bride who is interested in having your bridal bouquet preserved? If you answered yes, we have information that will provide a better understanding of the importance of booking early.

Booking your preservation early is critical because once we are at capacity, we won’t have space in our shop to press your bridal bouquet. Peak wedding season in the Pacific Northwest is in full swing during the Fall! Making a reservation in advance alleviates the stress and uncertainty that can arise from last minute decisions. Booking early ensures that you secure a spot and can avoid disappointment. During the 2023 wedding season we had multiple last-minute requests but had to turn those client’s away because we were fully booked. While we want to accommodate everyone, we also understand our limitations.

This year, with the addition of key preservation artists to our staff, we have been able to increase the amount of clientele we can take per week during peak wedding season.

When you book early, this reserves production space and a flower presser to properly deconstruct and press your blooms. When we receive last minute requests, we have to make space in our shop and we have to enlist additional help from our pressers, this increases the cost of your preservation piece. We never want to turn people and we want to limit additional costs to you.

Reserving your spot gives us the opportunity to talk to you about the flower preservation process and provide tips about care of your flowers before they reach us. Hot flower presser tip! The only time your flowers shouldn’t be in water is when they are in your hands!

Remember, reserving your bridal bouquet preservation ensures that your bouquet will come alive as a piece of art, and will represent the love of your marriage throughout time.

We are delighted to extend a special offer: 15% discount on any preservation piece 11 x 14” or larger, including color correction. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are happy to walk you through the booking process!

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