Elevate your space with our exquisite pressed floral preservation pieces, featuring meticulous color correction for vibrant visuals.

Preserving Petals: Booking Flower Preservation Services with Exclusive Discounts

Flower pressing is the latest rage to hit the wedding scene in years! Has anyone talked to you about preserving your bouquet? Were you even aware that you could save your wedding flowers? Bridal bouquet preservation is an excellent way for you to preserve your wedding memory for a lifetime!

We are quietly preparing for our 2024 flower preservation season and we would be so honored to press your flowers.

We are currently offering a 15% discount off of your bridal bouquet preservation piece, 11 x 14" or larger, if you purchase before Valentine’s Day. To sweeten the deal, we will also throw in color correction at no cost to you. This is a cost savings of over $600.

Why is color correcting important to your flower preservation piece? Because almost all flowers will lose color during the flower pressing process. Roses are most notorious for draining color and 95% of all roses require some form of color correction. Roses are also the most popular flower in bridal bouquets. This is a win-win deal for you

Once this deal expires, we won’t be offering it again for our summer 2024 brides. Click on the Contact button in the header and leave us your information. Don’t miss out on this lucrative deal. You invest so much in your flowers for one day, why not make that investment last a lifetime? Keep asking yourself that question.

We encourage all of our clients to share their thoughts our comments about flower pressing and bridal bouquet preservation. Subscribe for more content and explore our site for related articles and updates. 

Here's to a glamorous and memorable 2024 wedding season! Now is your time to book your bridal bouquet preservation!

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