One Reason Why You Need To Have Your Bridal Bouquet Pressed

One Reason Why You Need To Have Your Bridal Bouquet Pressed

This year wedding trends are gearing towards the meaningful and heartfelt. Incorporating special touches that honor memorable experiences or relationships are high on couple’s lists.

Having your bridal bouquet, boutonniere, or any flowers from your wedding preserved is a perfect way to bring intention to your wedding day. Your pressed flowers serve as a tangible reminder of your emotions connected to those blooms. Your floral preservation piece will serve as a daily reminder to you. Aside from photographs and wedding rings, you won’t have many items left from your special day that you can have a physical connection to. This is a piece of art, a permanent representation of your commitment to each other.

I’m working on a flower preservation piece this week that incorporates two significant and reminiscent additions. The bride wants to include a piece of lace from her grandmother’s wedding dress, which coincidentally her mother wore at her own wedding, and the bride used around her bouquet. Additionally, the bride is including a white dahlia from her other grandmother’s garden, in memoriam. These special touches, as a floral preservation artist, brings so much color and dimension into client’s story. Every person has a background, beautiful and nuanced in an individual fashion. These backgrounds add to the beauty of the preservation piece and keeps family history blooming along.

If you are curious about flower pressing or having your bridal bouquet preserved, leave a message! I would love to talk to you about this modern, yet timeless artform. Don’t miss out on having your bridal bouquet preserved!

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