Petals & Press: Learning How to Craft Timeless Beauty in our Flower Pressing Workshop

Petals & Press: Learning How to Craft Timeless Beauty in our Flower Pressing Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to press flowers? Have you been looking for a flower pressing workshop to further explore pressing techniques? Do you just want to experience a new craft? If so, we have some big news to share with you! We have partnered with Field N Floral Design, owned and operated by Shawna Rude, to facilitate a flower harvesting and flower pressing workshop in Shawna’s beautiful flower garden. We will be offering those dates on June 26th, August 17th, and September 22nd. Links can be found in our Workshops & Events page.

There are very few flower pressers in the United States and its fortunate for those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest to have access to Daphne to learn this craft. This is the ONLY professionally taught floral preservation class west of the Rockies. Vancuterie is the only flower presser who offers flower pressing workshops on an on-going basis. This is a very RARE opportunity.

Our summer workshop series will be two-fold. Shawna is a professional flower farmer with substantial experience in the floral and flower farming industry, two significant distinctions. She is a bloom expert! Her knowledge of flowers from seedling to harvest to bouquets to wreaths to everything in between makes her an elite in the flower farming industry. Her focus during these pressing workshops will be on sustainable practices and propagation of flowers, along with harvesting techniques for robust and continuous growth of flowers. You will have a chance to wander through her garden, selecting flowers you want to press. Come prepared to be transported to another place. This farm is very special and Shawna’s extraordinary garden is a peaceful, whimsical, colorful, and an imaginative playground for people who share a love of flowers.  

This is literally a Farm to Flower Press event! Once your flowers have been picked Daphne will show you how to prep flowers for pressing, deconstruct flowers, and guide you through the tips and tricks of flower pressing. Daphne will briefly review reconstruction techniques at the end of the workshop. Lastly, she will go over what you can do with our pressed flowers once they are completed with their pressing cycle. You will leave this class with a basic understanding of flower pressing.

We are serving exclusive handcrafted finger foods and beverages. Every minute of this flower pressing workshop is devoted to helping you fully immerse yourself into this ancient craft surrounded by picturesque surroundings and lively conversation, making connections, and savoring tasty treats. This experience cannot be replicated. You do not want to miss out!

What’s additionally exciting about our first flower pressing workshop is the summer solstice theme! The workshop is set to align with the summer solstice. One of the ways you can connect with the solstice is decorate with summer flowers, attend a gathering, and set an intention for the summer season. This workshop checks off all of those boxes. The solstice is a time for renewal and self-love. It is said that when you embrace the energy of the solstice sun, you open yourself up to creativity and positivity. We will end this workshop with an oracle reading.

Let’s sum up what this event brings into your orbit and why you should sign up! In this workshop you will receive a lot of swag and memories to take home!

  • A guided farm tour, trust me, if flowers are your love language, this farm will affirm that.
  • Individual time walking the farm, picking flowers for your masterpiece. This is a great time to set your summer solstice intention.
  • A custom made 12” x 24” flower press. This is double the size and length of any press you purchase on the market. What sets this press apart from the rest is its size. You have the ability to press longer stemmed flowers and you can press more flowers at once. They are extremely durable and designed to add up to 15 layers of flowers. We custom make each press for every student, specifically for flower pressing enthusiasts.
  • Specialized tweezers used exclusively for flower pressing
  • Absorbent pressing paper
  • Cardboard for layering, we will provide up to 5 pieces, giving you 6 layers to press
  • Flowers and flowers and flowers for pressing. Remember you are at a flower garden, it’s literally your flower pressing canvas
  • 1:1 instruction
  • There will be extra flowers, so you will be given a small vase to take extra flowers home.
  • A small frame. One your flowers have been fully pressed; you can create them into your own piece of art.
  • Crafted appetizers for the solstice celebration, adult beverages and mocktails. Lavender is the theme!
  • Time for mingling
  • Oracle reading  
Flower pressing workshops are great way to learn flower pressing fundamentals. Like any other art form, flower pressing takes practice and patience. These skills don’t come overnight, but we want to help you overcome some of the obstacles we encountered when we were learning the to preserve and press flowers. Come explor
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